Турбизнес поддержал призыв Александра Беглова помочь детям в сложной жизненной ситуации

Первая группа детей уже вернулась из бесплатного путешествия в Сочи, следующая отправится в круиз на

Всероссийский Форум «Молодежь в мире туризма без границ» прошел в Санкт-Петербурге

3-й Всероссийский Форум «Молодежь в мире туризма без границ» прошел 25 и 26

Фестиваль «Путешествие. Отдых без границ»

В культурном центре «Порт Севкабель» с 11 по 12 мая 2019 г.

Турбизнес Петербурга оценил потенциал «Безликих»

Иммерсивное шоу «Безликие» представили профессионалам турбизнеса Петербурга в ходе серии встреч в старинном особняке на


Благотворительный проект «Весь мир - в подарок детям Санкт-Петербурга» 22 апреля (понедельник) в 13:00 В ТАСС (г.


“Our goal is to establish in Russia a civilized tourism market”

The Russian Union of Travel Industry (till 2001 – Russian Association of Tourism Agencies – RATA) is the largest business union in Russia . It was founded in 1993. Since 1995 RATA is a member of the United Federation of Travel Agencies Association (UFTAA) that represents Russia ; since 1997 — a member of the World Tourism Organization (WTO). In 2003 the Union is celebrating its 10 th anniversary.

RUTI unites about 1000 tourism companies, hotels, sanatoriums, schools, mass media, insurance and transportation companies that deal in tourism, enterprises of leisure and entertainment infrastructure, including leading companies of Saint Petersburg and the North-West region.

The main goal of the Union — support for tourism development in Russia and the Federation units, as well as protection of collective interests of Union members. We also try to influence legal, economic and social policies of local governments in a way most favorable for professional interests of the Union members. Another goal — to establish in Russia a civilized tourism market, to increase tourism industry input in economic development, and to create new jobs.

Inside the Union , there are:

  • Committee for incoming tourism
  • Committee for insurance in tourism
  • Committee for inbound tourism
  • Commission for adventure tourism
  • Transportation and aviation commission
  • Investment commission
  • Business tourism committee
  • Bus commission
  • Commission for education
  • Sanatorium and resort commission
  • Hotel commission
  • Municipal commission
  • Rail road commission
  • Commission for consumer rights
  • Legislative commission

The North-West division of the Union is the largest and the most fast-developing regional branch of the RUTI. The North-West division is one of the organizers of regional and international tourism exhibitions and festivals, as well as seminars, conferences, business meetings, and training programs for tourism industry employees. In 1999, in collaboration with North-West division office of the Union , the Tourism Information Service of the North-West region was established.

Inside the North-West division office, there are commissions:

  • For incoming tourism
  • For tourism formalities
  • For investments
  • For sanatoriums and resorts promotion
  • For tourism insurance
  • For transportation
  • For advertising and information requests
  • For legislature and legal support
  • For financial questions

Besides that, following activities are organized with the North-West division office:

  • Legal consulting office and a center for research and analysis are functioning
  • Information and analytical “Newspaper for travelers” is being published
  • Annual guide “Supporting organizations for tourism industry in Saint Petersburg” is published, as well as investment projects catalogs
  • Discount system for Union members is functioning
    (for advertising, legal advice, security services, participation in exhibitions, etc.)
  • Agreements with leading industry mass media are reached about information support and advertising.

Also, a daily electronic newsletter “RATANEWS” is being published. It is free, a copy of it can also be found at www.ratanews.ru . The newsletter contains tourism business news, official information, professional comments for legal documents, licensing and certification information, methodical recommendations and so on. To subscribe, send an inquiry to: subscribe@ratanews.ru.